About us


What is Morning Co.? And what does it do?


Hopefully my story below answers that!


In 2009 I (Adam Bogatin) was on the trip of a lifetime backpacking around South America with two of my best mates, we were surfing, sunning and eating Acai daily. It was the perfect holiday.


On our return back to Australia in 2010, my friends and I were easily able to able to recreate the sun and the surf but not the Acai. Educated but unemployed and in the midst of the GFC, we created the company Purple? Foods with the idea of bringing the joy of Acai to Australia. 


We pioneered the now booming Acai industry here in Australia by very carefully selecting our distribution channels to ensure that the Acai being served as a final product was at a level equal to that which we fell in love with over in Brazil.


As our knowledge of the product and industry grew we started to realize that not all Acai is created equal. There are differences in quality, colour, consistency and taste. Purple? Foods made it a clear focus to always provide the best Acai available on the market and as such is the Acai of choice amongst a lot of your favourite cafes and smoothie bars.


People have often asked why there is a ? in the name Purple? Foods, and the answer is because at the time we didn’t know where the business would take us, and were always looking for new and exciting products. The first addition to the portfolio was Pitaya (Pink Dragonfruit), again pioneers of that market and again with a focus on quality.


This now leads me to Morning Co. After consultation with our biggest customers we hope to fill a gap in the market with a suite of the highest quality products in a multitude of formats.  We will not limit ourselves in the products we provide and hope to continually extend the range as long as we can consistently guarantee the high quality supply. The products will be available to both the wholesale foodservice markets and retail customers including online purchases via this website.


Making sure our customers wake up with a smile and look forward to breakfast is our number one goal, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Morning Co. all throughout the day!