Jan 21, 2020

Keeping active, living healthy

All Fenix is an active wear label from Melbourne. It uses colour, patterns, amazing materials and fits to help women keep active and live a healthy life. Georgia, Melbourne entrepreneur, started All Fenix as she was always interested in fashion, but it was primarily her love for a healthy lifestyle that motivated her to create her dream activewear range. She believes in moderation – eating a balanced diet and finding activities that she loves is a goal that she strives for. We asked Georgia some questions about what health means to her.

What does a healthy lifestyle mean to you? “Eating well – which means balanced, not clean. Finding a physical activity that works for you so that you can keep active. And laughing every single day – life is meant to be enjoyed.”
What are some tricks you can share to help maintain a healthy life? “Having an active wear brand helps (haha!). I’m always in my active clothing, there are no excuses for me!”
Do you have a quote about health that you like to live by? “A healthy attitude is contagious. But don’t wait to catch it from someone else.”